Sydney Sub Aqua Club

Planned Dive - Shelley Beach, Manly - Breccy and Dive

Where: Shelley Beach, Manly

When: 29th Dec, 8am kick off

Diving: Everyone welcome, Shelley Beach is nice easy diving down to a max of 12m, more likely 5-8m

Breccy/BBQ: Everyone welcome for a BYO sausage/bacon/egg roll, coffee and a catch-up. Bring your beach gear, blankets and spend some time relaxing in the sunshine.

Planned Social Event - Berry Island Christmas Picnic

This year SSAC is off to a hidden away gem of a picnic spot on the western side of Sydney Harbour - Berry Island. While technically not an island at all anymore as the early 1800’s resident Edward Wollstonecraft built a causeway so attaching the island to the mainland so no boat phaffing. Along with being a lovely picnic spot, it also offers a 20 minute bush walk, the Gadyan track which details the history of the Cammeraigal people on a series of signboards.

Bring a plate & your picnic rug and join us for a Christmas picnic.

Nearest train station Wollstonecraft. Fur-children, fam...

Trip Report - Bare Island

A photo from Bare Island

7:20am Friday morning and damn, I will have to make do with the second closest (and free, a pleasant change from Shelly's daylight robbery!) parking spot to the path down to the island. Mark and Simon pulled up 5 minutes later in the spots behind. Despite the parking frustrations, the weather couldn't be better: sunny, light winds, almost no swell and a flood tide.

We took advantage of the good conditions and did a stride entry off the east side of the island. I was armed with the macro lens and on a nudibranch mission. There were rich pickings when the octopi, grouper and conger eels weren't trying to steal the action.

Before I knew it the 60min dive time was up and time to head...

Trip Report - Shelly Beach

A photo from Shelly Beach

In a break with tradition, the weekend dive at the SSAC perennial favourite dive site, Shelly Beach, was on a Sunday afternoon rather than first thing. I had barely stopped to say 'hi' to new members Martin and Calum who were kitting up in the car park and when a spot in the as-expected-packed car park opened up, which was a great start.

Down on the beach, the big turn out were in various stages of kitting up and heading off to the water. Al as always on a scooter mission. Duncan was testing out his recent services gear (outcome: First Stage had done their usual good job) with dive buddy Sam. Sandy and Anne were providing shore cover and I was helping Andy test his scooters...

Trip Report - Shellharbour Bass Point

A photo from Shellharbour Bass Point

Four members of SSAC met as planned at Bushrangers Bay at 8:30am on an overcast Saturday morning. There was ample parking and just one other group of divers present. A significant swell was coming in from the east and one of the local divers wasn’t too optimistic about the conditions. But we all agreed it was worth a go, with Ben on his JJ and Fe, Soo and Sam diving single 12s. What you can't tell from Google maps is that there is a steep descent of about 100 wooden steps to reach the water!

We followed the northern contour of the bay and found that the conditions were actually pretty reasonable. As we entered the large...

Trip Report - Bare Island - La Perouse, Sydney

Congwong Beach to Bare Island Dive

A beautiful Sydney winter morning with two intrepid, fearless, extreme kitted (for 10m dive) divers planned a dive bimble along the edge of a shallow reef from Congwong Beach under the bridge and on to Bare Island.

I have been recently diving wet, brrrrr, and when an offer of the use of a drysuit came along there wasn't any thinking time needed. The suit being an aged vintage needed a neck seal, so down to Barry's I went. Good job all done, although knowing the wrists seals needed a little care (more than I knew at the time).

Arriving at the site, kitting up started. No hitches until suit donning started. By this time a friend of Mark's ...

Finding Us

We meet after work from 6pm most Wednesday nights at the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel on Kent Street in The Rocks for dinner and a few beers.

We encourage potential new members to meet us on the first Wednesday of a calendar month as this is when most club members will be in attendance.

Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, 19 Kent St, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW

If you want to learn more about SSAC you can read about the club or contact anyone on the committee.