Planned Dives

Magnetic Island

Dates: arrive Wed 30th Sept, depart Mon 5th Oct (options to stay longer if you wanted)

Travel: Fly Sydney to Townsville (JQ912 on the way up, JQ913 on the way down, Virgin also fly at similar times of day), ferry from Townsville to Magnetic Island ($30 return). Accommodation: The plan is to book one or more Stayz rental properties (hopefully with a pool/beachside) for approx $70-100 per head per night.

Diving: ProDive offer Yongala dives on Thurs and Sun and Great Barrier Reef dives on Fri/Sat or just go for a snorkel for free of the beach, or a cheeky shore dive.

Organising a Dive

So you want to run a club dive? Thanks very much, it's people like you that make the club happen.

The advantage of arranging dives is that your type of diving gets done. The general rule is that anyone can organise a club dive - if you are a less experienced diver you can always find a more experienced diver to help you. Here's what to do:

  1. Discuss your idea with the club Diving Officer, Owen Davies
  2. If Owen says yes then go ahead and advertise it using the dive planner on the club website.
  3. If you are a less experienced diver, new to the area or have never organised a club dive before, it may be best if you had a co-pilot.
  4. If you are not sure, please discuss qualifications and depth limits with the Diving Officer.
  5. For dives where planned decompression is going to happen, discuss your plans with the DO before the dive.
  6. For shore dives, please make sure you have got the club oxygen set and the club medical kit.
  7. After the dive, please write a report on the website and also try and ensure that the website is updated with photographs and/or gossip.
  8. Thank everyone that helped ... lots.
  9. Be extremely smug. It's people like you that make the club happen