Planned Dives

AGM @ Australian Hotel

The club is run by the members, for the members. As usual, all posts are up for election. It is good that from time to time new people join the committee so that it stays relevant to the needs of the members. However this year Soo and Sam are not seeking re-appointment so we will need two people to join the committee so that all the essential roles are covered -don't let that put you off attending.

The 2018 club accounts summary is available to view in the documents section of the website, along with the minutes of the 2018 AGM. please login to view.

Don't forget, that to participate in the AGM your 2019 sub's need to have been received by the SSAC bank account.


Weekend in Jervis Bay / Currarong

I have blocked out the rental booking on our family beach house in Currarong on Friday May 3rd & May 4th.

I had thought we could do a Sat double boat dive out of Huskisson ($175 without gear), then fill our tanks and do a shore dive around Currarong on the Sun, if the seas are kind.

The wreck of the SS Merimbula is just a short distance away from the house and sits off of the rocks in about 16m and there are a few other sheltered shore dives if the seas are too rough. There are bush / beach walks for those that feel like it.

The house is a little over a 30 minute drive from Huskisson. We can ...

Organising a Dive

So you want to run a club dive? Thanks very much, it's people like you that make the club happen.

The advantage of arranging dives is that your type of diving gets done. The general rule is that anyone can organise a club dive - if you are a less experienced diver you can always find a more experienced diver to help you. Here's what to do:

  1. Discuss your idea with the club Diving Officer, Andy Garvey
  2. If Andy says yes then go ahead and advertise it using the dive planner on the club website.
  3. If you are a less experienced diver, new to the area or have never organised a club dive before, it may be best if you had a co-pilot.
  4. If you are not sure, please discuss qualifications and depth limits with the Diving Officer.
  5. For dives where planned decompression is going to happen, discuss your plans with the DO before the dive.
  6. For shore dives, please make sure you have got the club oxygen set and the club medical kit.
  7. After the dive, please write a report on the website and also try and ensure that the website is updated with photographs and/or gossip.
  8. Thank everyone that helped ... lots.
  9. Be extremely smug. It's people like you that make the club happen