Taking advantage of the 4 day loooong weekend to go a little bit further afield we have a trip to explore the deep south coast around Merimbula. We will be diving with Merimbula Divers Lodge (15 Park St, Merimbula). The plan is to do two dives a day on Sunday Monday, taking in classics such as the Tasman Hauler (a tug scuttled in 1987, sitting at 30m) and the cave. The water temp should be around the 21C mark. We will also be staying with the Lodge, in one of their self-catering 2 bedroom apartments (4 bunk beds per room). It is $29/pp for accommodation and $120 for a double dive. Re-breathers are fine (but they dont have a booster for the O2 or sell sorb, so come supplied!). Nitrox (up to 40%) is available and is $18 a fill, please let me know in advance if you plan on using it.

Who's Coming?

1. Ben

2. Stuart

3. Jules

4. Mick

5. Ross

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