The New And Improved Coolooli

Having been beaten to the wreck by the Frenchman twice in one weekend

I've decided that the only way I'm ever going to find out what

everyone's favourite dredger looks like upside down is to join him.

If you're joining us by all means email me and let me know but if you are coming on this dive you must sign up via Yves' website here:

PS - SXD is booked out for a private party on the trio which may

entice a few more people!

Cheers, Rick.

Who's Coming?

1. Rick

2. Stuart

3. Ben

4. Jules (?)

5. Mike

To Sign Up

Contact Rick Grundy

(sign in to see their email address).

Meeting Place & Time

0700, Rose Bay Wharf

Minimum Diver Grade

Sports Divers