Christmas in July - Mudgee

A photo from Christmas in July - Mudgee
Merry Christmas
A photo from Christmas in July - Mudgee
A photo from Christmas in July - Mudgee
A photo from Christmas in July - Mudgee
Traction engine

The days were getting colder so it was time to pull out the Santa hats and pretend it's Christmas. Houses were booked, shopping was done and it was time to head to Dumplings Den in Mudgee for a weekend of festivities.

Friday nights fun slowly grew as people arrived. Andy showed off his sharing skills by supplying the cheese and wine while Soo sorted out the pizza.

Saturday was a free day with people doing what they wanted. The two popular choices were the wine tour and the Field Day (the highlight of the Mudgee social calendar - a fine collections of baby farm animals to be petted, sheepdog trials to be watched, a magnificent collection of farm machinery old & new as well as more wine tasting and great slow cooked lamb sandwiches!). Judging by the excitement when everyone arrived home they were both a big hit.

A photo from Christmas in July - Mudgee
A fine pair

The main event kicked off with G&Ts around the fire followed by champagne and wine. The food started and didn't stop. Prawns, cold cuts, tinny bum chickens, ham, pigs in blankets, veggies of all sorts and don't forget the pavlovas thanks to Liz.

Entertainment was provided by the Furniss family as we watched their videos from the zoo and tried to work out what animal they were being. Some were a lot easier than others but all very entertaining.

We now know why there are warning labels on party poppers as leftover veggies were fired across the room with much better than expected results. My stomach still hurts from laughing(or I could still be recovering from surgery), you couldn't have planned it better.

The evening continued on with the dancing queens on the dance floor and the not so active ones gathering around the fire trying to find the sweet spot that's not too hot and not too cold. For those with some room still, the cheese and port were bought out and so too did the random conversations that come with fires and too much alcohol. Till one by one, we called it a night with some sneaking away quietly and others making a grand exit and adding fuel to the fire in a spectacular way.

Sunday morning arrived and so did the hangovers, some worse than others. But after a fry up, complete with black pudding and birthday cake, people were feeling better and the clean up was on before loading up the cars and battling the drive home.

A huge big thank you to Anne and Al for hosting!!! Ben and Anne for all the organisation!!! Ben Tomoko and Anne for slaving away in the kitchen/BBQ!!! Soo 'n Rick for the mince pies!!! Sorry if I missed anyone... please let me know and I and update the report.

Please add your own photo as I don't have any or send them to me and I will add to the report.