HMAS Adelaide & ADP Course

A photo from HMAS Adelaide & ADP Course
HMAS Adelaide Bridge
A photo from HMAS Adelaide & ADP Course
Bob's RIB
A photo from HMAS Adelaide & ADP Course
rEvo Try Dive
A photo from HMAS Adelaide & ADP Course
Decompression Course


The weekend kicked off with the smell of bacon frying, which is always a good start. Bacon and egg butties consumed it was off to Terrigal for the first day of diving on the ex HMAS Adelaide on the second anniversary of its sinking. The weather gods had decided to shine on us as there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and as we descended down the hill towards The Haven car park we could see the sea was a flat as a tack. The crew kitted up and made their way down to the slip to wait for Bob to come back from the first run of the day. As the 9:30 departure time came and when those in dry suits were beginning to curse the sunny weather and get jealous of those who had gone for the semi-dry option. The RIB finally came round the corner and after a quick turnaround we were relieved to be on the 5 min run out to the wreck.

While the water was warm the visibility wasn’t spectacular (5-10m). Duncan was put through his paces by Ross for this first dive of the ADP course, while Ben took Rick’s rebreather for a try dive (under Rick’s watch full eye) and Michelle pottered around just for fun. Before you knew it, everyone as back on the line doing their deco stops. Once back on shore it was time for huge fish ‘n chips for lunch and then back to Ross n Michelle’s. The afternoon was spent kit phaffing, but once the spa had warmed up it was not long before the beers were cracked and everyone jumped in. The day was wrapped up with an excellent barbeque.


After a good early drive up to Terrigal, the fog had lifted, the sun was shining, the sea was relatively flat & Bob's boat was waiting in the car park. On the boat for the first (7:30am) dive was Pearson, Gary W, Sam , Gary M (testing out his latest be-spoke aircraft engineered Go-Pro mount), Rick (feeling a little hazy from the night before) and Rhodri (wanting to complete the final part of the ADP course). After jumping in the blue, then back on the boat so that Rhodri could sort out some kit malfunctions and a lost mask everyone finally got down to the Adelaide. There was more surge than expected, but the vis turned out well.

A quick efficient turnaround at Terrigal, and the second dive of the day was under way. This time it included Michelle, Ross, Rick, Duncan and Rhodri (both hoping to finish their ADP course). Rick soon jumped in for the soothing effects of the deeper waters. The dives all went to plan with Rick finding his way to the bridge for a well earned rest on the captains chair.

A big thanks goes out to Ben, Rick, Ross and Gary for all their help and patience throughout the ADP course and the Buoyancy Workshop. and also to Michelle & Tomoko for their hospitality.