Kelloe, Southern X Divers

Of the 5 (6) people from the club signed up for the trip (should let Al off really, he was already signed up privately), 3 came up with really lame excuses.. overseas for work, sent interstate for work and leg amputation not to go. Nevertheless, 2 intrepid souls got up at sparrow-fart to get to Baz's shop ready for the off.

It was a top day... less than 1m swell with a really long wave period so was as flat as sydney ever gets, withclear blue skies and warm air. The water was 22 on the surface and clear and even though Baz's sounder had packed up he managed to get into the Coloolli easily. There was so little current that the anchor line was straight up and down.. how easy. The coloolli was as fun as ever, lots of the crap inside has been dispersed so it was easy to get in and about, viz was 15m ish on the bottom. I was the only bubbler on the dive so I was happy to see various Inspo.s making noises and refusing to change set points instead of me getting grief about noise and gas costs.

Back to the shop on time and it was all sweet. Those that didn't come; you missed a good 'un