Shelly Beach

Maddie's and Rowan's training starts here.

This was a joint effort by about half the club and Rowans dad Graham.

Members lent kit, cylinders and their time

Jill had a word with him upstairs for descent weather and despite all the forecasts she managed to pull it off - good weather throughout.

A BBQ turned up plus loads of food - Cheers Tash and Ben

Plenty of members turned up for shore cover

Owen came along and helped with the instructing - Cheers Owen.

So many people helped to make this day happen there is a good chance I have forgotten someone If so please accept my apologies.

It was a great team effort and I was delighted to see such a good turn out by the club.

A great day outto have a dive or two, training dives or not this was a good days diving in anyones book.