Shelly Beach

Maddies and Rowans Training adventures continue.

This was more of the same.

Rowans dad Graham was taxi driver and chief labourer (well dive kit is heavy stuff you know.)

More borrowed kit and cylinders.

Jill had yet another word with him upstairs and again a glorious day if not a little cooler than the previous weekend.

This time we used the BBQs provided by the council for the feast in the surface interval, sausages and roo burgers were the order of the day.

A few faithful diehards turned up and generally helped out with the days events.

Owen came along and did some instructing, thanks much better that Dads first killing of a student.

It was another great team effort resulting in a great days diving with Wobbies, Groupers and Rays.

When it was all over we drove home drinking lashings of ginger beer.