Shelly Beach

A photo from Shelly Beach
Hi ho! (Photo by Al)
A photo from Shelly Beach
Heaven (Photo by Al)

As forecast, there was barely a breath of wind on Saturday morning and there was still a light fog lingering over Shelly Beach as we kitted up. Alas, the swell hadn't dropped as much as we hoped so there was enough of a break over the reef there a couple of optimistic surfers paddled out, and encouraged me to go and explore the rocky foreshore on the left-hand side of the bay. What a revelation that was! I don't know how many times I have been to Shelly, but I've never been down that side...there were more Wobbies than you could shake one of the Port Jackson at, shoals of fish large and small, Blue Grouper rays. It was a fabulous dive! Max depth 5m, which was about the limits of the visibility. Water temperature was 17'C, chilly enough in a 5mm wetsuit to not want to hang around more than 45 min.

The post dive coffee and egg 'n bacon roll watching the world go by capped off an excellent morning. Giving there were a group of paraplegics off for a dive, what excuses do the rest of you have??