Shelly Beach

A photo from Shelly Beach
Not a day for going round Shelly Head
A photo from Shelly Beach
Might not look it, but it was sunny enough for a bit of sun baking.

In a break with tradition, the weekend dive at the SSAC perennial favourite dive site, Shelly Beach, was on a Sunday afternoon rather than first thing. I had barely stopped to say 'hi' to new members Martin and Calum who were kitting up in the car park and when a spot in the as-expected-packed car park opened up, which was a great start.

Down on the beach, the big turn out were in various stages of kitting up and heading off to the water. Al as always on a scooter mission. Duncan was testing out his recent services gear (outcome: First Stage had done their usual good job) with dive buddy Sam. Sandy and Anne were providing shore cover and I was helping Andy test his scooters (aka phaff) and get my open circuit gear back up and running (aka yet more phaffing). Why revert to OC? A backup plan as the COVID induced cell shortage begins to bite the rebreather divers.

The vis was nothing to write home about, but the water was beginning to warm up (19' on the surface...18' at 'depth'...i.e. 10m) and everyone had an enjoyable dive. Jonathan even swung by to join the post-dive chin wag.