Shelly Beach

A photo from Shelly Beach
Bring out the emergency tongs!

In the second of the two Meakin dives (see the Bare Island trip report for the first one) the famed former member did make it to the dive site this time. The Sydneysiders arrived between 7:45 and 8:10am and even then you had to go a fair way up the road to get a park...I guess it was the warm sunny weather and flat calm seas that got everyone out of bed so early on a Sunday morning. We'll have to go for 7:30am start next time. Having established base camp near one of the BBQ, we waited for the stragglers.

With a quorum of dives we set off. Marie and Ben hitching a ride to the far end of the reef with Andy and Al who had brought the scooters down. There was good viz on the ocean side, max. depth around 12m, with most people managing the planned 1 hr runtime. Once the formalities of the morning were out of the way it was time for brunch. There was a fine amount of bacon, HP, tommy K, tabasco, eggs, but alas no BBQ tongs! Some quick improvisation with 2 disposable forks ‘borrowed’ from the the local cafe and a feast was served…just in time for the arrival of Gary. While several people headed off to the second club event of the weekend - Lizzy’s 3rd birthday party, Gary and Caroline were having beach day with Tash, Rhodri an many others…and he did manage to get a dive in seeing many Wobbies, a ray and a giant cuttlefish.