Shelly Beach visit 3

Maddies and Rowans Training adventures part 4.

This was more of the same.

Rowans dad Graham was taxi driver and chief labourer again (the dive kit had not got any lighter yet.)

Again another glorious day despite all the forecasts (I am getting good at this, Kayaking weekend was supposed to be awful weather and turned out brilliant and every training trip since has been glorious weather. I had better go and fill out the lottery coupon.

This time it was going to be two dives, one doing drills and the second one was to be a pleasure dive with a bit more depth. We were into some serious on gassing as we reached a depth of 5.2m.

Again the council BBQs provided the feast in the surface interval thanks to Rob and Jill who cooked enough food for the other thirty members who may have turned up but didnt.

A few members turned up and generally helped out with the days events and offered support when required which basically consisted of standing on the beach pointing and laughing at the wallies in the water.

The second dive was a cracker with Wobbies, Rays, Groupers as well as Port Jackson Sharks, everywhere you turned there were fish it was magic.

When it was all over Graham drove home whilst I had a few chiled lights to quench my thirst.