South Head Reef & Royal Shepherd

Golden Anchor Award nominee! (with a silent W)

We all (Rob Jones, Jonathan and I) met up at Mosman and boarded Yvess boat, two other divers bailed when they saw these real divers turn up so we had the boat to ourselves, I really didnt understand that but who cares (Yves probably did.)

We did a reef dive first just out of South Head, it was okay with reasonable vis but Rob made this a truly memorable dive. He found an Anchor dragged it round with him for the remainder of the dive. At the end of the dive he bagged it off and the Anchor hit him in the face as it ascended. Jonathan and I was coming up my line but it was very hard to operate, when we got to 10m we found out why Rob had managed to wrap his line around mine. I was nearly hit on the head by the Anchor which was suspended mid water as was Rob. He had managed to tie himself in Knots, I wanted to leave him there but Jonathan was the hero. We ascended to the surface where it was Jonathans turn to get wrapped up in Robs line. We got back on board to find Yves trying to unwrap his boat and prop from Robs line. Thanks Rob for making the dive so memorable; I hope the Anchor has pride of place in your trophy cabinet.

The second dive was The Royal Shepherd which was a much better dive and again Rob made this dive very memorable but this could have been very serious. At the end of this very nice dive I had managed to stay out of deco completely because I was on my inspo, however my Vyper set on OC'air' with all the personal safety settings switched off was showing 21 minutes deco, Jonathans Aladdin was showing 14 minutes deco but Robs Oceanic showed only 4 minutes deco. This is a huge variation that could potentially have had very serious consequences. We stopped at Mosman Rowers for a debrief and lubrication. Another great days diving was had by all Cheers.