Southern Cross

Well, the day started early for some with 3 out of the 4 SSAC divers kitted up and on the boat by 0645. For others, the day was more relaxed as having realised a social engagement clash with diving, Diver X decided not to come along... no names mentioned. For Ben, the bail-out alarm clock failed and so he tried to get as many speeding fines as possible to get on the boat (which he managed by 2 minutes, well done Ben).

A lumpy ride was had out to the Meggol and with some surface current we made it down to the wreck at 46m. The viz was good(ish) and overall a very mellow dive was had by those on the wreck; especially me as I had 2 novel experiences... (1) a dry dive, thanks to Baz and (2) a dry camera housing.. yippee

Sadly, though the mellowness was not shared. Mike had a bad day... the current picked up whilst we were dropping in and he didn't get to the shot (he can tell the rest of the story if you ask him), then sanding under the coldwater shower to rinse his suit he somehow decided to rinse the inside as well (moral of story... close zip!) and then to add insult to injury, in removing his suit he tore a seal. Lets hope he tucked into some quality wine that evening.

I hope to see more of the club diving soon