Southern Cross Divers, Mosman

WAHAY.. a proper club trip in that we filled the boat; or we would have done had not someone had a memory lapse about going diving.

The plan was to do 2 dives but the early morning divers had reported that the viz was perhaps less than desirable. So, after all had assembled and in some cases (Stu, Pete and Tash) blown the cobwebs off their kit, we embarked on the good ship XXX (does Baz's boat have a name?). Baz took us to the inside of North Head as this was the best place to shelter from the northerly swell. Plenty of other dive boats had taken the same decision so it was crowded. Baz dropped us on the edge of the boulders; it was all very mellow... lots of Port Jackson sharks, a few wobbegongs and quite a few fish. The tide was on the turn and when the ebb started a load of shitty water arrived and the viz went from a borderline 8-10m down to 2.. yuk. So some of us made it back to the boat but others popped a blob up and then went on a drifting mission to New Zealand... luckily Baz broke the habit of a lifetime and went to pick them up. Since we were so near it was soup and tabasco back at the shop rather than on board as we decided to can the second dive becuase of the viz.

In spite of the viz, we had a bunch of happy divers. Thanks Baz