Sydney (off Yves' boat)

Well the weather crapped on us so by Sat morning we had people changing their minds. Yves finally pulled the dive as Michelle and I were on route to Rose Bay , so we quickly diverted to Baz's where a club dive was quickly resurrected by us being joined by Mike and Jonathon. So we all had mellow bimbles off the back of the shop. Ross played around with his YBOD and remembered that a compass is a good idea as he did the walk of shame along the beach. Michelle did a try dive on my YBOD and is now trying to buy one. Mike ventured in with his now working YBOD and Jonathon played around with diferent rigs. So in terms of great diving... a big fat nah! Was it mellow? Yes? Did we learn stuff about the kit and practice better diving? Yes. So yet again, a big thanks to Baz for supporting us; mind you we did all buy stuff and get fills there so its all good really.