Jonathan, Lisa, Jill and I turned up on Friday night for a look around and a fresh start for the morning. Oops missed the target, drinking until 2.30 am did not feel like a fresh start the next morning. We met Alex and Dorota at the dive shop. We had tea and biscuits before climbing on board a rocking boat. We were warned there may be a slight surge but it will ease with depth and they were right it dropped to a 8 10m surge at 30m (maybe if we had dropped to 100m+ it may have calmed down a bit by then. We had two good dives with lots of tea and biscuits and lots of laughs. We had a great weekend but the stars of the show were the Port Jackson sharks that were stacked that high in a gulley we could not count them. Possibly 40 60 we will never know Great Weekend.