Terrigal Tech Dive

A photo from Terrigal Tech Dive
Al & his megga mug
A photo from Terrigal Tech Dive
Why do we go diving?

We meet up at 7 am in The Haven car park and looked a little gloomily at the larger than expected breakers and a stiff southerly. Neither were in the forecast. However, conditions were still good enough for the SS Galava so the gear was loaded up on Bob's boat. Once his palm was crossed with $60 we were on our way...followed a short pause while Bob worked out how to use his new GPS...and them off again on the 6-7 km trip out (the wreck lies roughly NE of The Haven).

The Galava sank at around 1 am on the 9th Feb 1927 when the holds flooded quickly. All the crew made it off the boat, but they didn't have time to launch the life boat and only 5 out of 8 survived. These days only a few ribs stick out of the sand in the forward section of the boat so it took 4 goes and a fair level of cursing to get the pick to stay in. However the beautifully sponge encrusted boiler, interesting engine (sitting over on it's port side) and relatively intact stern made it all worth while. There is also plenty of fish life including many wobbies. The vis was good and the water was a pleasant 20'C at the surface and 17'C at depth.

Once back on shore the morning was capped off with the usual excellent brunch at the Haven Beach Cafe.