The Canoe Barge

It was forecast to be the coldest day in 2 years, but that didn't put off Al, Gary and Ben going for a dive with Souther Cross Divers. Their bravado paid off with a beautiful, sunny day, a low swell, and great vis. The destination was the Canoe Barge - one of the less dived Long Reef sites. It sits intact and upright at 50m to the sand. Plenty of fish life, including a herd of Port Jackson as well as fans, some sponges and even nudibranchs for the trainspotters. While it wasn't as cold as forecast it was still decidedly warmer in the water than out: 19'C through out the dive, once back on the boat the winter chill and a light breeze meant that the cuppa soups, hot dogs and other snack greatly appreciated on the trip back.