The Spit

Maddies and Rowans Training adventures part 3.

This was simply the funniest thing I have seen in years.

We announced we would be down at Bazs this weekend but nobody seemed interested in joining us this time. Well it was their loss.

We pitched up at Bazs and carried all the dive gear down to his boat and RIB which he had very kindly agreed to lend us for this brilliant spectacle. After a quick brief Maddie kitted up (we could only do one trainee at a time as we were down to one set of kit.) This just added to chaos that followed. I briefed and demonstrated the Giant Stride Entry from the pier and then swam round to the back of the boat and up the ladder and back on board. Maddie then followed and got back on board to then remove the kit and hand it to Rowan who then also followed suit. This looked like an episode of Its a knockout all we needed was a slippy Shute and some men in polystyrene shoes throwing custard tarts at us. We were going great guns when Baz came out and informed us we only had another hour or so before he would like to take his boat back to its moorings for the night.

This prompted us to speed things up a bit, we did several Giant Stride Entries, Backward rolls, Forward rolls and Sausage rolls as well as countless exits from the water including shore, rib and boat ladder exits. We finished with minutes to spare which was just as well as we were very giddy and exhausted. We thanked Baz in the usual manner (Beer) and drove home in a mild state of hysteria. What a riot!