The Spit - Search and Recovery & Search and Rescue all in one day

Jonathan and I turned up at Bazs for a little kit configuration work on Jonathans new twinset with matching pearls. Before we got in the water Baz asked us to keep an eye out for his glasses that fell overboard earlier. Yes of course Baz we said to him knowing the chances were nil. Five minutes into the dive Jonathan finds his pair of glasses!!

We did lots of drills for buoyancy, gas switching, shutdowns and many of the drills Jonathan would require for his upcoming Normoxic Trimix course. He was very smooth so I threw him a hard ball. Close eyes, remove mask, unclip both side mounts, lay them on the seabed, swim round with eyes shut, find side mounts and re attach them on the correct side. Bugger he did good at that as well - time to finish this dive.

We were back in Bazs having a brew when the Maritime Rescue came over and asked if we could remove a rope wrapped round the prop of a 57ft boat at Balmoral. We were dispatched in Bazs inflatable like the A team, we turned out to be the D team. The boat had moved from Balmoral, we didnt know its name, we broke down, Baz came out and rescued us in his boat. We eventually found the boat, removed the rope and got some beer tokens for our trouble. We were both too tired for another dive so we went for a curry and spent the beer tokens CHEERS!