The Spit visit 3

OW2 and OW3 - The training continues.

Maddie, Rowan and I set off for some more Ocean Diver training dives, this time outside Bazs at the Spit.

A BIG thanks to Baz for helping out as well as running his business, lots of cups of tea, surface cover, fills and inflating his RIB for us to climb into for the kit removal.

When we got there Michelle was doing her Evo course and we were later joined by Anne and Al, Al was playing with his rebreather and his configuration.

It was a dull day but the water was warm enough for the wet suit to get an airing, not a pretty site. There are few people who can look good in Neoprene and I am not one of them.

Unfortunately Maddie has bailed on her training for the moment but Rowan is still keen, so we kitted up and did OW2 and OW3, we did all the drills after we did a nice fluffy dive to 10m. Rowan was very cool about itso I started to turn the pressure up.

For OW3 I decided Rowan could be the dive leader in full control of everything except for the dive computer. I told him when we reached a depth greater than 15m and when to turn the dive, he did the rest. Again he was very cool.

We all had yet another cup of tea and came home. I suggested we go back tomorrow and hopefully finish off Rowans practical sessions. It was agreed and it was a plan.