Scooterama at Shelly

A photo from Scooterama at Shelly
Shelly Beach

God Bless the Queens, and more importantly Australia, for making her Birthday a public holiday!

It is only a couple of weeks until the winter solstice, and on Wednesday we were all enjoying the warmth of the fire at the Nelson. and moaning about the rain. However, the forecast for the long weekend was dry and sunny, so plans were made for a shore dive and (shock, horror!) there was even talk of doing some training.

Come the holiday Monday, Sydney was trying it's hardest to make you think it was still summer: Sunny and 20 degrees both on land and in the water. There was no sign of the student, so the training was abandoned and the toys came out. Dispite the recent rain, the visibility was still in the 5m range, which was good as the three of us all had scooters and it could have ended in a tragic accident if the vis was bad. As it was, much fun was had by all.

Key point for next time...don't go for an 11am meetup time...the parking is shocking and worse, the cafe stops doing bacon and egg rolls at 11:30.