Trip Reports from 2021

Camp Cove

A photo from Camp Cove

Michelle decided to celebrate the arrival of a sunny summer with a shore dive Camp Cove. The trip plan did remind people parking was a nightmare anywhere near this penultimate harbours side beach on South Head, so to get there early. What it left out is that Ross & Michelle were aiming for a pre-dive breakfast and so got one of the last spots at 7am! I arrived 45 minutes later, and had 10 min wait for a spot to come up, so not too bad considering it was a gorgeous day. The others appeared to be missing in action, or maybe just stuck in traffic so we went in and followed McFadyen’s guide. The abridged version is: head from the carpark down to the beach and straight into the water, surface swim to the big post, and if organised take a bearing on the harbour bridge/city. Descend (~4m), head east, and after ~10m you will hit a low rocky reef (depth 5-6m). Swim, keeping the reef on the right, if you are good on air you...