Sydney Sub Aqua Club

Trip Report - Bare Island Circumnavigation.

As we drove down to Bare Island the piddling rain gave way to patchy sunshine and the wind dropped. Al, Fe and Andy were up for the dive, well, we were up anyway.

We parked at the top of a short path down to Congwong beach & faffed around getting all the usual kit together for a nice easy shore dive, The usual BSAC, three scooters, a rebreather, a side mount rig, drysuits and the kitchen sink.

We recovered Andy form the loos nearby, (He’d found a friend to chat to) and entered the cool, clear, calm water of Congwong, motored off to Bare Island bridge past the kelp and went for a spin round the island, only getting lost four or five times.

Saw a big fat groper, a bunch of recrea...

Trip Report - Jervis Bay

A photo from Jervis Bay

We met up at Gary's place in Currarong on Friday night and for beers 'n pizza (or wine and cheese for the ladies) with some cheese before turning in for the night at a reasonable hour as it was a 7:15 am departure the next day.

Saturday started with a quick breakfast and then the 40 min drive to Dive Jervis Bay. We were on Genesis, the faster, smaller boat, which the 6 of us shared with two other divers and the dive guide. The stiff southerly had the waves breaking on the shore in Huskisson...which didn't boad well for getting out side the heads. After a lot of phaffing (the dive shop was a man down) we pushed away from the dock, only to be hailed by a...

Planned Social Event - SHARK! Island

Christmas Picnic

The SSAC Christmas Event this year will be a bring-a-plate lunch time picnic on Shark Island.

Accessible via a Captain Cook Ferry, get either the 10:50am or 11:10am ferry from Circular Quay. The return ferry ride is $20; booking is advisable. Don't forget the last ferry back is at 4:40pm!

If you are feeling energetic there is plenty of space to run around or you can go for a dip/snorkel. Alternatively you can just take it easy, lie back and soak up the 360' views of Sydney...

Trip Report - The Canoe Barge

It was forecast to be the coldest day in 2 years, but that didn't put off Al, Gary and Ben going for a dive with Souther Cross Divers. Their bravado paid off with a beautiful, sunny day, a low swell, and great vis. The destination was the Canoe Barge - one of the less dived Long Reef sites. It sits intact and upright at 50m to the sand. Plenty of fish life, including a herd of Port Jackson as well as fans, some sponges and even nudibranchs for the trainspotters. While it wasn't as cold as forecast it was still decidedly warmer in the water than out: 19'C through out the dive, once back on the boat the winter chill and a light breeze meant that the cuppa soups, hot dogs and other sna...

Trip Report - Shelly Beach, Manly, NSW

A photo from Shelly Beach, Manly, NSW

In our series of monthly social dives, we arrived on a warm sunny morning at Shelley beach. Showing our post dive intent early, we chose a seating area right next to a BBQ.

This was to be old school diving and a tour to force of 1990s kit, open circuit, single cylinder, wet suits, semi-dry suits (or dry suits with holes), shore entry, in short, we did BSac proud, well apart from Ben who persisted in showing he’s a modern man when it comes to kit.

The dive - reasonable viz, max. depth 9.5m, I think Fe and Katie were in for the longest at about 50mins, leaving the guys to cook breakfast, or were we lead to shore early by our stomachs? It was noted that al gave the turn around signal ...

Finding Us

We meet after work from 6pm most Wednesday nights at the Grand Hotel on Hunter Street near Wynyard Station for dinner and a few beers.

We encourage potential new members to meet us on the first Wednesday of a calendar month as this is when most club members will be in attendance.

The Grand Hotel, Hunter Street, Sydney, NSW

If you want to learn more about SSAC you can read about the club or contact anyone on the committee.